Power outages

Kabul and Several Provinces Facing Longer Power Outages

Afghanistan’s main power supply and utility company, Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat, said that Kabul and several other provinces are facing longer power outages due to technical issues that have disrupted the power transmission lines from Uzbekistan.

According to Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS), one of the two power transmission circuits is now transmitting electricity from Uzbekistan to Afghanistan’s national electricity grid. On Sunday, November 13th, Hekmatullah Maiwand, a spokesperson for the company, said, “This technical issue will be solved within two days.”

Afghanistan imports much of its electricity from Uzbekistan and other neighboring countries. Still, the imported electricity does not meet the needs of Afghanistan and residents face regular hours-long power outages daily.

The imported power from Uzbekistan is used to supply the electricity demand in Kabul and 12 other neighboring provinces. The technical issues due to the power transmission lines have caused the capital and the neighboring provinces to face daily outages.

To mitigate the power cuts, the DABS spokesman said they have already connected the Kabul electricity grid to the power transmission line importing electricity from Turkmenistan. Plus, he added, the DABS will increase usage from national power plants to its highest extent for supplying power to the national grid.

To alleviate the power cuts, Maiwand says that technicians have already connected Kabul’s electricity grid to the power transmission lines from Turkmenistan. In addition, Maiwand adds that DABS will maximize the national grid’s electric output so that these challenges are managed for the foreseeable future.