Ex-Minister to Share Evidence of Human Rights Violation in Europe Visit

Fazal Ahmad Manawi, former Minister of Justice, is set to visit Europe where he would hold talks with human rights organizations and some top European politicians. Meeting them, he will share evidence of the “war crimes, violation of human rights, and genocide by the Taliban”, Manawi said in a tweet.

In his tweet posted on Monday, October 31, Manawi called on the people of Afghanistan to send him any authentic evidence of the “Taliban’s crimes” which are not publicized yet.

Manawi served in different high governmental posts in Karzai and Ghani’s governments. He was Minister of Justice when the Taliban took over Kabul on August 15, 2021. After the Taliban takeover of Kabul, he joined the National Resistance Force (NRF) in his home province of Panjshir.

The NRF has so far fought deadly battles against the ruling Taliban in Panjshir, Baghlan, Takhar, and Badakhshan provinces.

Since their return to power, the Taliban have been widely accused of human rights violations and war crimes, particularly in Panjshir, Baghlan, and Badakhshan provinces.

Last Friday, the UN Special Rapporteur Richard Bennett briefed the UN General Assembly on his recent visit to Afghanistan and assessment of the situation of human rights in the country.

Highlighting the “grave concerns” regarding the human rights situation in Afghanistan, he reported that the country has witnessed a severe rollback of the rights of women and girls.

Addressing the UN General Assembly, the UN Special Rapporteur also expressed concerns regarding the suppression of civilians and serious violation of human rights in Panjshir province.

The group, however, denies these accusations of human rights violations terming reports on the situation of human rights as baseless. ” Reports founded on anecdotes, unverifiable sources and malicious personal emails contravene all scientific and professional fact-finding methods, and hold no value,” the group’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement, rejecting Bennett’s reports.