Panjshir villagers

Villagers Forced To Leave Properties Under Crackdown in Panjshir

Imposing a severe crackdown, the Taliban have forced residents of Koh-e-Shabah village of Panjshir province to sell their properties and leave the village, a local source tells Kabul Now.

Koh-e-Shabah is located in Bazarak, the provincial center, where the locals earn a living through agriculture and livestock. The Taliban’s “cruelty and violence” toward the locals and banning them to graze their flocks on the pastures have forced the locals to leave this village, the source detailed on Tuesday, October 25.

Families have either lost or sold their sheep and other livestock ever since the Taliban started cracking down on the village.

The Taliban have hitherto arrested, imprisoned, and tortured every man in the village at least once, according to the source. A few of the villagers who have not left the village, intend to do so as soon as they liquidated their properties, the source added.

Local sources confirmed that the Taliban have turned mosques, school buildings, and some residential houses into military bases in the village. Members of the National Resistance Front (NRF) – the anti-Taliban militia – do not have an active presence in the village, these sources add.

The ruling Taliban have been widely accused of forced displacement, the crackdown on civilians, and war crimes in the Panjshir valley.

NRF started its armed resistance against the Taliban from Panjshir and has so far expanded it to Baghlan, Takhar, and Badakhshan provinces.