UN Special Rapporteur's Trip to Panjshir

The UN Special Rapporteur’s Trip To Panjshir

UN Special Rapporteur Richard Bennett traveled to Panjshir province following the claim of widespread human rights violations by the Taliban.

Taliban-controlled Bakhtar News Agency reported today, October 19, that Bennett made this trip to Panjshir to investigate the human rights situation and to meet with local Taliban officials in this province. More details about Bennett’s trip have not been shared yet.

Mr Bennett himself and the Office of the United Nations Assistant in Afghanistan (UNAMA) have not said anything in this regard so far.

The National Resistance Front (NRF) claims that the Taliban attacked seven villages, and entered people’s property in the Paryan district of this province last night.

The NRF added that the residents of these villages have left their homes. The Taliban, however, have stopped and surrounded them.

There are reports that the Taliban have also violently suppressed a protest organized today in the province ahead of Bennett’s trip.

The Taliban in Panjshir have been accused of widespread human rights violations, including harassing, arresting, torturing and shooting civilians. This group is also accused of shooting the NRF prisoners in Panjshir.

Recently, a non-profit UK-based organization called “Afghan Witness” published a report stating that according to the analysis of videos and pictures, the Taliban arrested, bound, and shot 27 men to death in the province.