Security forces reclaimed Sighan and Kahmard, clearance operation underway in parts of the country

The Afghan security forces backed by People Uprising Forces reclaimed Sighan and Kahmard districts of the central Bamyan province on Friday, July 16, the media office of Bamyan governor said.  

Mohammad Tahir Zuhair, the governor of Bamyan, who is leading clearance operation, said in a video message that the security and defense forces retook Kahmard and Sighan districts pushing the insurgents out of the areas that they took a brief control over last week.

Zuhair thanked the locals for their cooperation with the government and their support for the security and defense forces.

The Afghan forces launched a defense campaign as the insurgents are trying to gain more territory.

On July 15, the Afghan forces reclaimed Chakhansur district of Nimroz province.

The government forces have pushed back the insurgents from Taloqan, the provincial capital for Takhar province.  

On Friday, July 16, Khalil Asir, spokesperson for Takhar police, said the government forces repelled Taliban attacks carried out to take control of Taloqan.

A statement published by Takhar police said an Afghan Special Forces unit, under command of Masoud Khan, arrived in Taloqan city.

Operations conducted by the government forces are underway in Cheshma Shir, Ahan Dara, and Abdal and the Taliban insurgents have suffered heavy causalities.  

Abdul Mahbob, a member of Takhar Provincial Council, confirmed that security forces had repelled Taliban attacks.