Herat exports

Herat exports increased to over USD 75 million last year

Herat has exported domestic products worth USD 75,800,000 over the last 1399 solar year, suggesting a total of USD 5,800,000 increase comparing to the previous year (1398), according to Herat Chamber of Commerce and Investment.

Talking to Kabul Now, Mohammad Rafi Rahmani, the executive director of the Chamber, said that Herat had exported different agriculture and industrial products worth USD 70 million in 1398 (solar year).

Herbal medicines, cumin, watermelon seeds, carpets, kilims, saffron, dried fruits, non-alcoholic and energy drinks, and wool are some of the most important items in Herat that are exported to the Middle East, Arab, and some of the European countries.

Exports of herbal medicines worth USD 40 million for the last year which shows a 92 percent increase in herbal medicines exports as compared to the previous year.

The destination markets of Afghanistan products were closed for a long period of time over the past year due to the Covid-19 related restrictions. As a result, the exports have not increased substantially.