Kabul blast

Magnetic bomb kills three military forces in Kabul

Three military forces, who are all brothers, were killed after a magnetic bomb attached to their riding vehicle went off in PD12 Kabul city on Saturday, November 21, First Vice President Amrullah Saleh wrote on his Facebook page today, November 22.

He further went on to identify the military forces as Khalilullah Ahmadzai, Khanullah Ahmadzai, and Safiullah Ahmadzai, noting that they were using the same way and the same vehicle to work and back to home every day. “We ask all government personnel again to observe primary security measures by themselves,” the VP stated, adding that the situation is not normal.

According to Saleh, a general cooperation and awareness is needed to deal with the new situation and a change in all measures is needed to control the new situation.

Kabul police confirmed yesterday, November 21, that a military vehicle was hit with magnetic bomb in PD12 of Kabul city. Ferdaws Faramarz, spokesperson for Kabul police chief, had said that one military force was killed and three others were wounded in the blast.

In addition to the magnetic bomb blast, different parts of Kabul city came under rocket attacks on the same day killing 10 civilians and wounding 51 others, according to Saleh.

On the other hand, three people were killed and three others wounded after their riding car was hit by a roadside bomb in Islam Qala-Herat highway in the western Herat province. Mohammad Rafiq Sherzai, spokesperson for Herat’s Public Health Department, told Kabul Now that the incident took place yesterday, November 21, around 06:00 PM.