Law committee approves inclusion of mother’s name in Tazkira

Law committee approves inclusion of mother’s name in Tazkira

Afghanistan Law Committee chaired by the second vice president, Sarwar Danish, has approved amendment brought to some articles of the Law on Registration of Population Records that formalizes inclusion of mothers’ names in the country’s national identity card or Tazkira.

The press office of the second vice president said in a statement that the amendment plan was approved on Monday, August 31, in a meeting of the law committee.

Ahmad Jawid Rasouli, head of the National Statistics and Information Authority (NSIA) said at the meeting that the plan to amend some articles of the law was prepared for integration of the Population Registration Authority into the NSIA structure, and in response to the request of women’s rights activists for inclusion of mother’s name in ID cards.

Earlier, a number of women activists launched a hashtag campaign under the title of “where is my name?” demanding that the mother’s name should be included in ID cards.

This campaign was firstly launched five years ago. This year, the campaign was even raise at the Afghan parliament with several MPs voiced support for including mother’s name in IDs.

Some MPs said that the issue was taken in the Parliament’s agenda to be discussed for respecting the women’s demand and supporting their social and political participation.