Man stabb four members of his family to death in Faryab

Faryab man arrested over stabbing four family members to death

Local police have arrested a man, who has stabbed four members of his family to death in Maimana, capital city of the northern Faryab province, according to a local official.

Talking to Kabul Now, spokesperson for Faryab police chief, Abdul Karim Yourish, said the horrific incident took place around 04:30 PM on Saturday, July 11, in Chahar Rahi Pohantoon area of Maimana city. Local official identified the victims as wife, a 15 years old daughter, and two sons – each aged six and eight years old – of the murderer.

According to Yourish, the murderer named Feroz originally comes from Pashtunkot district of the province and has been recently released from the prison.

Describing the murder as “honor killing”, the local official said that the police have already launched an investigation into the case and interrogation from the perpetrator.

Honor killing is one of the most violent practices caused by sever domestic violence in Afghanistan. Women and young members of the families are mostly the victims of such incidents which is said to have widely remained underreported in the country.