The road to victory passes through courage, resolution and resistance

Mohammad Zaman Khadimi

Last week an attack on a maternity hospital in Kabul killed 24 people including newborn babies, pregnant mothers and nurse. Killing newborn babies, pregnant women and nurses, who deliver healthcare services, is an inhuman attack which in reality depicts the powerlessness of an armed militant group which masterminded an attack to kill newborn babies, pregnant women and nurses. A display of the scene—which happened in a maternity hospital in Kabul—tells one thing: a destitute armed group fighting for power opened fire at newborn babies.

The attack has left nearly 18 babies orphan.

I do not know how any armed militant group that mastermind an attack to kill newborn babies justify their images in public eyes or how they expect the nation to subscribe to their ideas? An attack on a maternity hospital, which delivers healthcare services for a poor segment of a human society cannot be justified. The innocent blood of the babies, the mothers and the nurses shed on May 12 in the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)-supported Dasht-e-Barchi hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan, is a war crime and crime against humanity.

The Afghan government, the Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs, some diplomat missions in Kabul condemned the shooting of May 12 at the maternity hospital in Kabul but beyond diplomatic statements, bold actions and tough efforts are needed to be taken to bring the perpetrators of this crime to justice.      

The national and international rights groups need to undertake a bold stance against any armed militant group that shows no mercy even against newborn babies. The international allies of Afghanistan should not keep silent against the militant groups that kill innocent mothers, babies and nurses. They should use all leverages—diplomatic means and financial pressures—to sideline those countries which finance and train insurgent groups such as the Taliban. Without military, intelligence and finance supports of the sponsoring states, the Taliban would not be able to sustain their military campaign for a single day. International organizations such as United Nations, Amnesty International, and European Union should not keep silent and turn a blind eye on string of crimes against humanity in Afghanistan.

Silence against a crime committed by a militant group against human fellows may serve many hypocrite diplomatic purposes in international relations but it is equally timid as a timid act of violence by armed men against newborn babies.  

We, as a nation, have to fight for a victory: victory over those who kill us.              

The Afghan government is equally responsible. I am sad to say that the Afghan security apparatus have failed to protect civilian lives even in the western neighborhood of the capital Kabul—let alone the provinces of the country. The government needs to take a tough military stance against the insurgent groups. It is obvious, the Taliban show no respect for the Afghan security forces and nation though they have signed a peace deal with the United States. The government, if it wants a dignified end to the ongoing conflict, should take a bold military stance to fight the enemies who attack a maternity hospital and kill innocent babies under the sun light before our eyes.

The road to victory is long, hard and bumpy but it passes through courage, resolution and resistance. We, as a nation, have to fight for a victory: victory over those who kill us.              

Mohammad Zaman Khadimi is student of Master of International Business,Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds, LS3 1LD, England, UK. You can reach him at: [email protected]