Afghanistan confirms 3,563 Covid-19 cases

The Afghan health authorities have confirmed that Covid-19 cases reached 3,563 people across all 34 provinces. 106 people, who were infected, have died and 468 Covid-19 patients have recovered, according to official record.

According to OCHA Afghanistan, some humanitarian organizations “have delivered WASH assistance and hygiene promotion activities to more than 307,000 people, and supported more than 5,618 men, women, boys and girls with psychosocial support services to cope with the emotional consequences of COVID-19.”

OCHA Afghanistan report says that according to official data published on May 04, of 104 people who died from Covid-19, 74 had at least one underlying disease, the most common of which are cardio-vascular disease, diabetes, lung disease and neurological diseases. The majority of fatalities were between the ages of 40-69. Men between the ages of 40-69 represent around 50 per cent of all Covid-19-related deaths.

Cases are expected to increase rapidly over the weeks ahead as community transmission escalates, creating grave implications for Afghanistan’s economy and people’s well-being. Kabul is now the most affected part of the country, followed by Herat, Kandahar and Balkh.

This comes while the capital Kabul and other major Afghan cities are under a loose lockdown. Public movement is restricted but humanitarian workers are allowed to diver basic services to those who are vulnerable to Covid-19.  

With an estimated 36 million population Afghanistan remains vulnerable to Covid-19 outbreak. Growing poverty, poor medical infrastructure, population density in urban areas and widespread corruption pose a major challenge ahead of the fight against the pandemic outbreak in the country. Many urban population who depend on daily wages cannot stay at home.

The result of covid-19 test often takes days to come out as medical facilities are either underequipped or understaffed in Kabul, a city which is the hardest hit for time being, followed by Herat in the west of the country.