‘Sisterhood agreement’ inked between Bamyan and Matera

A ‘sisterhood agreement’ has been inked between the ancient Bamyan city of Afghanistan and Italy’s ancient Matera city, said a statement issued by Bamyan governor office. The agreement was signed by governors of the two cities in Italian city hall of Matera on November 12, according to the statement.

The ancient Bamyan city, which is home to two giant Buddha statues, is located in the central Afghanistan. In 2001, the extremist Taliban regime dynamited Buddha statues when they took control over the city. Bamyan is famous for important archaeological sites such as Shahr-e-Zohak (Red City) and Shahr-e-Gholghola (City of Screams).

After the fall of the Taliban rule, UNESCO along with the government of Italy initiated to restore the cities.

Matera, a beautiful Italian city, is well-known for rich cultural heritage in the European Union.