Taliban: We want our relationship with other countries based on Islamic principles

The Taliban’s main spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, has said that the group believes in good relations with the countries of the region and the world based on Islamic law.

In a Persian statement on Saturday, on the occasion of Afghanistan’s independence day, Mujahid stated that the brave people of Afghanistan had pushed back the occupying forces of the 19th-century superpower and gained their independence.

August 19 is the 104th anniversary of Afghanistan’s independence. Amanullah Khan, the former king of Afghanistan, declared the country’s independence on this day in 1919.

The Taliban, who have been ruling Afghanistan for the past two years, also celebrate August 19 and have declared it a public holiday.

Mujahid said that it was “a day of gratitude and pride” to celebrate the return of the country’s independence, just four days after the Taliban had celebrated the “defeat of US colonialism” on August 15.

He also said that the defeats of Britain, the Soviet Union, the United States, and NATO had shown that Afghanistan was an “unconquerable country” with strong and united people who love independence.

Mujahid further stated that the Taliban government believes in good relations with the region’s countries and the world based on Islamic law. He said that the Taliban never intended to oppress or harm anyone and that they want others to do the same.

This is despite the fact that no country has officially recognized the Taliban government since it came to power in August 2021. Some countries in the region have engaged with the Taliban, but they have not yet recognized the group government in Afghanistan.

The Taliban also tried to secure Afghanistan’s seat in the United Nations, but they were unsuccessful. The seat is still held by the diplomat of the previous government of Afghanistan.