Photo: Taliban's Railway Authority

Taliban signs deal with Iran to expand Herat-Khaf railway link

Taliban has signed a deal with Iran to further invest in and expand the Herat-Khaf railway, which is expected to boost trade ties between both countries and foster regional connectivity.

Taliban’s Railway Authority announced in a tweet on Wednesday that deal was signed between Bakht ur-Rahman Sharafat, Taliban’s head of the Authority, and a senior Iranian delegation.

The railway link, connecting Khaf in northeastern Iran with Herat in northwestern Afghanistan, was inaugurated in late December 2020 under the former government. However, transports were halted.

Now the Taliban’s Railway Authority has said that the transportation process has been resumed between Afghanistan and Iran a few days ago.

The Herat-Khaf rail line has the capacity to transport up to one million passengers and six million tonnes of goods each year.

The first section of the four-part of the railway links Khaf with the town of Rozanak in Herat’s Ghorian district, about 150 km (93 miles) away.