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No rights for women unless they conform to our framework, Taliban official says

The Deputy of Youth Affairs of the Taliban’s Ministry of Information and Culture has stated that women and girls will not be granted the right to education until they conform to the group’s established framework.

Speaking at an event in Khost on Thursday, Mohammad Yunus Rashid, said that women “claim to have the right to wear make ups, go out and joke with strangers. Unless they give up these claims, the Islamic Emirate will never allow them to go to school.”

“Unless women conform to the framework, we will not give them rights,” he said.

“When women accept they are women [as the Taliban defines them], they will be allowed to pursue studies in these four fields: medical science, religious studies, security such as policing, and education to become teachers,” he added.

The Taliban has imposed over 50 restrictions on women and girls since seizing power in August 2021. The group’s latest ban, the closure of all women beauty salons, came into force on Tuesday, making over 60,000 women unemployed.

Earlier this, the Taliban’s Minister of Work, claimed that the group’s ban on women and girls’ education had 95 percent popular support in Afghanistan.