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Former Mujahidin Commander Fatally Shot in Kapisa Province

Aleem Jan, a former Mujahidin commander, was shot and killed by unknown gunmen in Kapisa province, Afghanistan. The incident took place at approximately 1:00 pm local time in the village of “Kalota” within the Hesa Dovon Kohistan district.

According to sources who spoke to KabulNow, Aleem Jan had been leading a civilian life working as a tailor.

The Taliban officials have not commented on the incident.

The rise in unexplained murders targeting influential individuals, including tribal elders and former military commanders, is a cause for concern. While the Taliban has pledged to investigate these incidents, the perpetrators behind these acts remain unknown.

It is noteworthy to mention that the district recently experienced the loss of a local mosque imam under mysterious circumstances, adding to the growing concerns surrounding these targeted killings.