Hundreds of refugees from Afghanistan at risk of going homeless in the UK

The UK Home Office has recently asked more than 400 refugees from Afghanistan, who were evacuated from the country following the Taliban takeover, to leave the hotels they have been accommodated.

According to the BBC, half of the refugees could end up homeless.

The Home Office has said that the hotels were not meant to be long-term accommodation refugees.

“The hotels were never designed to be long-term accommodation for Afghans resettled in the UK.” An official told the BBC.

The refugees have been ordered to vacate the hotels by August 9. But the Home Office has been criticised by some.

“It’s dreadful because it betrays the original promise – we will welcome you, we will support you, we will look after you because you Afghans supported us and our armed forces.” David King, Colchester City Council’s said.

Following the Taliban takeover in August 2021, more than 24,000 people from Afghanistan, including British nationals, were evacuated to the UK as of December 2022. Thousands of these refugees are still living in hotels in the UK without sustainable housing from the government.