Photo: Fars News

Iranian Interior Minister urges the Taliban to maintain peace and prevent border clashes

Iranian Interior Minister, Ahmad Vahidi, has said that the Taliban should advise its forces to maintain peace and prevent further clashes at the borders.

According to Tasnim News, Ahmad Vahidi said calmed has returned to Iran’s southeastern border with Afghanistan following a day of deadly clashes last Saturday with the Taliban.

Videos have been circulating on social media apparently Taliban convoys heading for Iranian borders in the western Herat province.

The Taliban has not commented and the videos have not been independently verified.

Ahmad Vahidi expressed concerns about the frequency of cross-border clashes with the Taliban since the group’s return to power in August 2021.

“Unfortunately, we have had several such incidents so far. We advise the Taliban and Afghan officials to exercise caution and ensure accountability among their border guards to prevent such occurrences.” Vahidi said. Iranian officials, he said, were in dialogue with the Taliban to resolves the issues between the two sides.

The Taliban has said it has no desire to enter into conflicts with neighbours.

Tensions have been rising between Iran and the Taliban in recent weeks over the former’s water rights from the Helmand River.