Taliban and Iranian guards clash at Nimruz border point

Local sources in the border district of Kang in southwestern Nimruz province report a clash between Taliban fighters and Iranian border guards. The clashes started today at around 12:00 PM local time in the Makaki border area.

As confirmed by the source. Both sides employed a range of light and heavy weaponry in this conflict.

The cause of this confrontation and the potential casualties remain unclear. Local Taliban authorities in Nimruz have not issued any statements regarding the incident so far.

This is not the first encounter between the Taliban and the Iranian military, as clashes between them have occurred on multiple occasions. However, the current conflict arises amidst growing tensions between Iran and the Taliban, primarily stemming from disputes over the Helmand water right.

In the latest development, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and the country’s Ambassador to Kabul, Hassan Kazemi Qomi, have issued warnings to the Taliban, stressing the imperative of safeguarding Iran’s water rights from the Helmand River.