Taliban detain university lecturer in Badakhshan province
Photo: Sent to KabulNow

Badakhshan University lecturer released two weeks after detention

Sources in the northeastern Badakhshan province confirmed to KabulNow that Sakhidad Sangin, a university lecturer at Badakhshan University who was detained two weeks earlier for unknown reasons by the Taliban, has been released and joined his family.

Citing relatives of the detained lecturer, these sources detailed that he has joined his family in his home province of Baghlan after his release.

The Taliban intelligence agents arrested him on 28 March while he was leaving Badakhshan University campus. The circumstances led to his arrest still remain unknown but one of his friends said that the lecturer opposed Taliban’s ban on women’s education.

Sangin is a Hazara and Ismaili Shiite from the northern province of Baghlan and has been teaching English language and literature at the University for the last 10 years.

In the wake of increased protests and criticisms to Taliban’s bans on women’s rights to education, work, and freedom of movements, the group has ramped up arresting activists, university lecturers, journalists, and women’s rights defenders.

Matiullah Wesa, a well-known education campaigner, and Mortaza Behboudi, an Afghan-French journalist, are among many detainees who are still in Taliban custody with no information available about their fates and whereabouts.