US to release outcome of Afghanistan withdrawal review in April

The US National Security Council Coordinator, John Kirby, said in a press conference on Wednesday that the review of America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan is ongoing, and the findings of the review will be available for public release by mid-April. 

“We expect to be able to share those takeaways with the public by mid-April,” said John Kirby. “We also have every expectation that the agencies themselves, who conducted these after-action reviews, will be able to share the classified reports with their relevant congressional oversight committees.” He added. 

While the Republicans of the US Congress review the country’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Chairman of US House Foreign Affairs Committee, Michael McCaul, has recently accused the US State Department of impeding the investigation process and misleading public opinion in the United States. 

US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken said in a hearing of a Senate sub-committees on Wednesday that he is preparing a report on the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan, and its results will be presented to Congress by mid-April.