UN STFA steering committee meet in Dubai
Photo: STFA via Twitter

UN Special Trust Fund for Afghanistan meets in Dubai

The UN’s Special Trust Fund for Afghanistan (STFA) has announced that its steering committee members and guests held a constructive meeting about the situation in Afghanistan in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

“Your contribution will help 97% Afghans including women & children living in crippling poverty & hunger,” the STFA said to the participants of the meeting in a tweet on Wednesday.

The Trust has not provided further details on the meeting.

According to the United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affair in Afghanistan (OCHA), humanitarian needs have spiked exponentially from 6 million people in 2019 to 28.3 million people in 2023.

The UN Office added that around 6 million people in Afghanistan are facing emergency levels of food insecurity, which is a step away from famine, describing it as one of the “world’s highest” figures in absolute terms.

OCHA has prioritized 23.7 million of the more than 28.3 million Afghans who depend on aid for aid delivery in 2023.

The UN and its operational partners need $4.6 billion for humanitarian operation in Afghanistan this year, according to the humanitarian response plan it issued on 9 March.