Taliban orders full hijab for female health workers

Taliban health ministry orders full hijab for female health workers

The Taliban Ministry of Health has ordered its female employees and health workers in Kabul to have full hijab and wear masks at work, warning that they had not been observing the dress code.

In a letter, containing two sketched images of a woman in black robe with her head and face covered, except her eyes, the group orders its employees to dress as per. Non-compliance would face disciplinary action, the letter warns.

Those female workers who do not comply with this order and do not observe hijab will face serious disciplinary actions, the letter warns.

Sources in Afghanistan’s southern Kandahar province confirmed on Monday that the Taliban’s Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice officials has ordered female health workers, in the public and private sectors, not to commute without mahram.

The Taliban banned women from working in the public and private sectors soon after recapturing Kabul, but exempted exempted health workers. The group’s restrictions on women and girls include secondary and higher education and working as aid workers.