Helmand flogging
Nine people were flogged at a football stadium in Kandahar city in front of a packed crowd last month.

Taliban publicly flog 16 people in Helmand

The Taliban has today flogged 16 people in the Helmand province’s Grishk district, a group’s local official has confirmed.

Mawlawi Mohammad Qasim Reyaz , the Taliban’s deputy head of the Ministry of Information and Culture, said the men were accused of “social disobedience, theft, extramarital affairs” and were sentenced to 30 to 39 lashes in public by a local court.

Since the group’s return to power in August 2021, the Taliban has made public floggings a regular and visible part of its penal practice. And last month, 9 people were flogged at a football stadium in the city of Kandahar in front of hundreds of spectators.