A summary of the week’s news, views and stories from across Afghanistan

09 - 15 January 2023

Former female Afghan MP Mursal Nabizada found dead in Kabul
Unknown gunmen have killed Mursal Nabizada, a former member of the Afghan parliament, and her bodyguard, at her home in Kabul. Her brother has been wounded.
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Fixing the market; how the Taliban keep opium prices soaring
The Helmand province’s southernmost district of Bahram Chah, near the Pakistan border, is the opium trading capital of Afghanistan these days, with its markets bustling with bags of opium paste changing hands. Prices have soared since the Taliban announced the ban.
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Norwegian aid chief urges the Taliban to lift women ban and says supreme leader personally responsible

The Secretary of General of the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), Jan Egeland, has pleaded with Taliban leaders to lift their ban on women working for NGOs by issuing a new decree, so that his organisation and other agencies can resume their operations.
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UN Security Council: the Taliban must lift all anti-women restrictions
In a statement following a special meeting convened behind closed doors to discuss the Taliban’s recent round of bans on women’s rights to education and work, the UNSC urged the group to “immediately reverse all oppressive measures against women and girls, adhere to their commitments set out in UNSC 2593 and respect the rights of women and girls, and their full, equal and meaningful participation and inclusion across all aspects of society in Afghanistan, from political and economic,  to education and public space.
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Rashid Khan

Rashid Khan threatens to quit Australian Big Bash League
Afghan cricket star, Rashid Khan, has threatened to quit Australia’s Big Bash League after Cricket Australia cancelled a one-day international match versus Afghanistan in protest against the Taliban’s latest restrictions on women’s rights.
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Taliban execute NRF commander and a civilian in Baghlan province
Local sources confirmed to KabulNow the Taliban forces have publicly executed a commander of the National Resistance Front (NRF) and a civilian in the Khost district of Afghanistan’s northern province of Baghlan. The group has also detained 2 NRF members in the area.
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Australia withdraws from ODIs

Cricket Australia cancels match against Afghanistan in protest against the Taliban
The Australian cricket team has withdrawn from playing against Afghanistan for a one-day international in protest against the Taliban latest round of restrictions on women’s rights.
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HRW acting Executive Director: Taliban leaders must face justice for their crimes against the people of Afghanistan
In an exclusive interview with KabulNow following Human Rights Watch’s World Report 2023, the organisation’s acting Executive Director, Tirana Hassan, said that the human rights and humanitarian crises in Afghanistan were the direct consequences of the choices made by the Taliban leaders, for which the must be held to account.
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Human Rights Watch: Taliban rules through abuse, arbitrary detentions, torture, and summary executions
Human Rights Watch (HRW) in its World Report 2023 on the state of human rights in the world in 2022 has said that, in Afghanistan, the Taliban “continued to impose numerous rules and policies violating a wide range of fundamental rights of women and girls,” and “carried out arbitrary detentions, torture, and summary executions of former security officers and perceived enemies, including security personnel in the former government.”
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employees of foreign ministry

16 Taliban foreign ministry employees killed in Kabul blast
Sources in the Taliban’s foreign ministry confirmed to KabulNow that at least 16 employees of the ministry were killed in Wednesday’s suicide bombing attack outside its compound. The group had initially said only 5 of its employees were killed.
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Taliban sentence teenage boys and girls to flogging and prison in Daikundi province
Sources in central Afghanistan’s Daikundi province have confirmed to KabulNow that the Taliban’s local court has sentenced seven teenage boys and girls to flogging and prison.
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Starving Afghans must be reconnected to the world economy to survive

Opinion: Starving Afghans must be reconnected to the world economy to survive (by James Snell)
It is hard to imagine being cut off from the global economy. To have little and less trade entering the country. To have entire industries shut down or operate on skeleton crews. To see few foreign goods. To be able to sell little or nothing to people abroad you previously worked with.
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