Taliban sentence teenage boys and girls to flogging and prison in Daikundi

Sources in central Afghanistan’s Daikundi province have confirmed to KabulNow that the Taliban’s local court has sentenced seven teenage boys and girls to flogging and prison.

Arrested by Taliban security and Vice and Virtue agents 12 days ago from a house in the Dasht village of Nili, the capital of Daikundi, the teenagers are accused of “partying and preparing to engage in prohibited acts.”

According our sources, of the three boys, one has been sentenced to a year in prison and 35 lashes, and the other two to a month in prison and 25 lashes each. And of the four girls, two have been sentenced to a month in prison and 25 lashes, and two to 10 days in prison and 15 lashes each.

Since their return to power in August 2021, the Taliban has enacted public floggings for various accusations, including adultery, theft and drug taking. And on 07 Dec 2022, the group also carried its first public execution in the western city of Farah in the presence of its senior leadership, including interior minister Sirajuddin Haqqani, who carries a $10 million FBI award for information leading to his arrest , and foreign minister Amir Khan Muttaqi.