Women wear shroud

Women Wear Shrouds to Protest Violation of Human Rights in Afghanistan

Wearing white shrouds and hands in chains, a group of women protested against what they described as the carelessness of human rights organizations regarding the situation of women and girls in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

Issuing a resolution, the women protesters complained Afghan women are still kept in the custody of a group supporting global terrorism in Afghanistan.

The protesters added that the violation of human rights has reached its peak in the country.

The United Nations, human rights organizations, and the world are just watching these “crimes” and have remained tightlipped, they complained in a protest rally on the occasion of Human Rights Day, December 10, in Afghanistan.

Moreover, the women protesters accused the United Nations and the international community of dealing “shamelessly” with the Taliban regime.

According to these protesters, the United Nations and NATO member states are complicit in Taliban crimes.

They believe that the UN and NATO member states are playing double standards as they send millions of dollars to strengthen the Taliban regime while declaring support for the people of Afghanistan in the meantime.