Surge in Crime Cases in Mazar-e-Sharif; Taliban to Install Security Cameras

The Taliban in Mazar-e-Sharif, the capital city of the northern Balkh province report that they are installing surveillance or CCTV cameras in some areas of the city. According to the local residents, this city has witnessed a surge in the number of crimes.

Mohammad Asif Waziri, the Taliban spokesman for the police chief in Balkh province, told reporters that the process of installing security cameras will begin shortly.

Security cameras will be installed in vulnerable areas of the city and the cost will be paid by the local residents, Waziri added.

A source from the Taliban said that the group has planned to install the security cameras in the second, fifth, eighth, ninth and tenth districts of Mazar-e-Sharif city.

This comes after the residents of this city complained about the surge in criminal cases such as mysterious killings, armed robberies and kidnappings.

The Taliban, however, do not accept the surge in crimes in this city.

Previously, the Taliban have launched a campaign recommending people install surveillance or CCTV cameras, according to Khalid Zadran, spokesperson for the group’s police in Kabul.

Talking to Taliban-controlled Afghanistan National TV,  Zadran recommended all residents of Kabul install what he described as “security cameras” inside and outside their houses.