Security Cameras

Taliban Spokesman: Security Cameras Installed in 2,000 Houses in Kabul

The Taliban have launched a campaign recommending people install surveillance or CCTV cameras, according to Khalid Zadran, spokesperson for the group’s police in Kabul. Security cameras have been installed in more than 2,000 houses in the 5th Police District in Kabul.

Talking to Afghanistan National TV, currently operating under the Taliban, Zadran recommended all residents of Kabul install what he described as “security cameras” inside and outside their houses.

“This campaign will continue,” he said, adding that installing such cameras is aimed at boosting people’s cooperation with the Taliban police.

In the meantime, the Taliban police official noted that installing these cameras is not compulsory. Whoever can afford may install it, he noted.

This comes as some Taliban officials have allegedly made it compulsory for residents of some specific neighborhoods in Kabul to place security cameras in their houses.

Residents of these neighborhoods, however, complain that they cannot afford the installation of security cameras.

Meanwhile, some other residents of Kabul have raised concerns about the security of their homes’ privacy.

The Taliban officials have yet to clarify how they will manage these security cameras.