70 publicly flogged

Nine Women among 70 Publicly Flogged in Five Provinces

A total of 70 people, including nine women, have been publicly flogged by the Taliban in five provinces since Wednesday. They have been flogged on different charges in Helmand, Paktika, Badakhshan, Kunduz, and Urozgan provinces.

The Taliban have flogged these men and women on charges of robbery, moral crimes, drinking and selling alcoholic drinks, elopement, and extramarital affairs.

Mazuddin Ahmadi, head of the Taliban’s Directorate for Information and Culture in the northeastern Badakhshan province, said that a total of 25 people, including four women, were flogged on Thursday, December 22, in a sports stadium in the province.

The Taliban lashed six men and four women in Khorshid Sports Stadium in Imam Sahib district of the northeastern Kunduz province on the same day.

Each of them received from 30 to 39 lashes in public, sources in the province said.

In the southern Urozgan province, the Taliban flogged 20 men before tens of spectators and local authorities of the group in a sports stadium on Thursday.

Each of these people received from 20 to 39 lashes and were also sentenced to 1-8 years in prison, said Qari Agha Wali Quraishi, head of the Taliban’s Directorate of Information and Culture in Urozgan.

On Wednesday, December 21, local Taliban authorities in the southern Helmand province confirmed that they have lashed 11 men and one woman in Nadi Ali district of the province.

Each of them received from 10 to 39 lashes in public after confessing their crimes during the primary trial in the district, said Mawlawi Mohammad Qassim Riaz, deputy head of the Taliban’s Directorate of Information and Culture in Helmand.

Local authorities of the Taliban flogged three men in Waza Khwa district of the eastern Paktika province on Wednesday.

Though the Taliban’s public punishments, including public execution, drew strong worldwide condemnations, the group’s regime continues to implement public lashings every in different provinces of Afghanistan.

Some officials of the Taliban have reacted against these international condemnations and termed these reactions as a “disrespect” to Islam.