6 Women Among Dozen Publicly Flogged in Kabul, Taliban SC Officials

The Taliban Supreme Court flogged 21 men and 6 women in Kabul city based on the verdict of the primary city Sharia Court of this group.

According to the Taliban Supreme Court’s newsletter published on Thursday, December 1, these people were flogged on the charges of “adultery, premarital relationship, theft, elopement, and drinking alcohol”.

In this newsletter, it is stated that these people were flogged in the presence of the Taliban Supreme Court officials.

Recently, the Taliban have publicly flogged a number of citizens in some other provinces on the charges of having a premarital relationship and theft.

Taliban’s public flogging has had reactions and criticisms. Recently, Special Envoy of the European Union (EU), Tomas Niklasson, has said that he is “appalled” by the Taliban’s public floggings of 14 men and women in Logar province. “They follow a serious backslide in the respect of human rights in Afghanistan since August last year,” he added.

The Taliban, on the other hand, consider these criticisms disrespectful to Islam.

Recently, the Taliban leader Mullah Hebatullah Akhundzadah, in a meeting with the judges of this group emphasized that they should also carry out the Islamic Hudud (penalties that include the amputation of hands and feet, flogging, and death) and retribution.

In their previous government, the Taliban also carried out retribution and Hudud under their rule.