Trucks Carrying WFP Food Assistance Looted on The Uruzgan-Kandahar Highway

Local sources in Uruzgan province, in central Afghanistan, reported that robbers looted trucks carrying World Food Program (WFP) food assistance.

Sources told Kabul Now that food assistance containing at least 40 bags of flour and 10 bags of dal were looted on Wednesday, November 16 on the Uruzgan-Kandahar highway.

Qari Aqa Wali Qureshi, the Taliban head of information and culture in Uruzgan, confirmed this incident and said that the WFP employees had not coordinated with the Taliban security officials.

Trucks filled with WFP food assistance were parked in an inappropriate location, on the side of the road, and as a result of this, the thieves looted them, Qari Aqa Wali Qureshi added.

The security officials of the Taliban in Uruzgan reported that at least 40 suspects have been arrested in connection with this robbery and the investigation is going on. The officials of the WFP in Uruzgan province have announced they are unaware of this incident.