Taliban Ministry of Vice and Virtue: Music is Harmful to The Human Psyche

The officials at the Taliban Ministry Vice and Virtue banned listening to music. They believe music is harmful to the human psyche. At the same time, the Taliban want the citizens to welcome this order. The ministry said this on Thursday, November 24 by publishing a video on Twitter through which the scholars consider music as an ‘unlawful’ phenomenon.

This Ministry of the Taliban further added that music is harmful to young people and that listening to music misguides them.

In the video, a person identified as a psychotherapist says that everything forbidden by Islam is harmful to human health and psyche. The person says that some words used in music cause ‘intoxication’ in the people listening to those words.

Officials of the Taliban Ministry of Vice and Virtue believe that listening to music causes ‘discord’ and ‘negativity’ in the hearts. The rate of “unlawful acts” has decreased since the return of the Taliban back to power, the Taliban officials add. The Taliban Ministry of Vice and Virtue has declared it mandatory for women to wear a hijab and men to grow beards and wear traditional clothing.