Afghanistan exports
Photo: Bakhtar News Agency

Taliban: Afghanistan Exports USD 1.1 Billion in Seven Months

Afghanistan’s exports over the last seven months amounted to over 1.1 billion US dollars, according to the offices of the Taliban’s Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs. This latest development shows a “significant increase” compared to the previous fiscal year.

“It was worth 850 million dollars in exports of products in the solar year 1400,” citing a statement of the Office, the Taliban-controlled Bakhtar News Agency reports, comparing this year’s exports to the prior fiscal year.

Moreover, the Office added in its statement issued on Tuesday, November 08, that exports would reach “$2.5 billion soon” if the exports continue to grow.

Afghanistan’s exports include coal, fresh and dry fruits, vegetables, herbal medicines, minerals, and other items.

According to the Office, Afghanistan has exported 97 percent of its export items to Pakistan, Iran, India, Tajikistan, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, China, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq.

This comes as the country has been facing an economic crisis and growing poverty ever since the Taliban returned to power. More than 90 percent of Afghanistan’s population is said to be under the line of poverty, with half of the population struggling with a severe form of starvation.

Afghanistan’s economy relies on international assistance before the Taliban. With the collapse of the previous government, foreign donors stopped their aid and imposed some economic sanctions against the country.