NAI: 50 Percent of TV Networks Stopped Broadcasting in Afghanistan

Issuing a press release on the occasion of World Television Day, NAI which is an organization supporting open media in Afghanistan has said that 50 percent of television networks have stopped operating in the country under Taliban rule.

November 21 is World Television Day which was widely celebrated by government entities and media organizations before the Taliban returned to power in August 2021. “During the last two decades, television is one of the valuable achievements of the media community in Afghanistan,” part of NAI’s press release read.

According to NAI, the main reason which forced TV networks to stop operating in Afghanistan is economic problems.

Moreover, the media organizations added, Afghanistan has lost 48 percent of radio stations and all the print media operating in the country.

Since their return to power, the Taliban imposed severe restrictions on the operations of media outlets.

Plus, the ruling group has arrested, tortured, and threatened journalists forcing a large number of journalists and media workers to leave Afghanistan.

Last Friday, November 18, Afghanistan lost its membership in the Media Freedom Coalition (MFC) for the situation media in the country is no longer in line with Global Pledge in media freedom.

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