561 families displaced in Panjshir

At least 561 Families Displaced in Panjshir Over Past Four Months

The Taliban war and violence have displaced at least 561 families in the past four months in the northeastern Panjshir province, according to credible sources.

Sources further confirmed that 412 families have migrated to Parwan and 149 families have moved to Kapisa, two neighboring provinces, in search of a safe haven.

The International Committee of the Red Cross has surveyed the number of displaced families and provided them with assistance, a source added.

A total of 187 families have been displaced within Panjshir province from their home villages due to ongoing clashes in the province.

In recent months, Panjshir has witnessed intense clashes between the National Resistance Front (NRF) and the Taliban.

It is claimed that the Taliban have forced some families to leave their properties in Panjshir.

The displaced families have received assistance from the Refugees and Repatriation Department of Panjshir Province with the financial support of the United Nations.