Man Dies After Being Severely Tortured by Taliban in Panjshir

A young man died four days after he was shifted to hospital due to suffering severe injuries as a result of torture by the Taliban in the central prison of Panjshir province, local sources confirmed.

The man is identified as Ghulam Ishan who is an original resident of the Abdullahkhel district of Panjshir.

The Taliban arrested and tortured Ghulahm Ishan and another man named Noor Mohammad four days ago inside the central prison run by the group in the province. Noor Mohammad died on Tuesday, October 25 and Ghulam Ishan died on Friday, October 28, inside the Emergency Hospital in Punjshir.

According to local sources, the Taliban arrested these two men on charges of cooperation with the National Resistance Front (NRF) – an Anti-Taliban militia.

After Noor Mohammad was tortured to death by the Taliban, the group’s governor for Panjshir told his family that they would investigate the case and would prosecute the perpetrators.

There is not, however, any update regarding the investigation process of the case as yet.

NRF is a militia formed of mostly former Afghan security forces under the leadership of Ahmad Masoud, son of the Jihadi commander Ahmad Shah Masoud. They started their resistance against the Taliban from Panjshir and Baghlan provinces in August 2021.

The militia has effectively expanded its operation to Takhar, Badakhshan, and other provinces since then. There are serious allegations of human rights violations, torture, and arrest of civilians against the ruling Taliban. In some cases, the group has confessed pledging to probe these allegations.