Taliban lashed son of army soldier

Taliban lashed a 12-year son of an army soldier in Faryab

The Taliban has lashed a 12-year-old boy for being the son of an army soldier, security sources in Faryab province confirmed.

Abdul Karim Youresh, the spokesperson for Faryab police, said today, August 02, the incident took place in Kuh e Sayad village of Shirin Tagab district.

Following the fall of the district, the Taliban entered the house of the member of the armed force and whipped his child named Jan Aqa under the pretext of finding a gun owned by his father named Sher Aqa, he added.

According to Youresh, Sher Aqa fled to Maimana city, the provincial capital for Faryab, after the Taliban overran the district.

The Taliban has not yet commented on the incident.

Located in the northern part of the country, Faryab is a volatile province where the Taliban control swathes of territories including Shirin Tagab.