Taliban force media to spread propaganda

Taliban force media to spread propaganda

The Taliban have forced a number of local media in northern and western provinces of the country to spread their propaganda, said Mohammad Qasim Wafayezada, acting minister of information and culture.

Speaking at a news conference held today, July 18, in Kabul, Wafayezada named a number of local media that he described as “voices of Sharia” – a reference to the Taliban’s media – under the Taliban pressures. He named the outlets as Radio Maihan in Herat, Radio Payman in Baghlan, Radio Sima e Solh in Samangan, Radio Naw Bahar in Balkh, and Radio Jaihoun in Kunduz.

The Taliban first fired female employees working for these media and then pressurized other employees to spread their “propaganda”, he added.

Moreover, as he put it, the militant group has forced a number of other media outlets to stop their operation in some provinces.

Wafayezada expressed concerns about restrictions on media operation, saying that 51 journalists have fled to Kabul from the provinces due to ongoing conflict and the Taliban violence. He, however, stressed that these people are already under government support.

According to him, another 71 journalists have temporarily resettled abroad under the journalists’ safety initiative.

On the other hand, Wafayezada expressed concern about looting of historical monuments in areas under the Taliban’s control.

He said the mafia groups have recently begun digging up the ancient site of Ay khanum in the northern Takhar province.

Meanwhile, the acting minister called on people to cooperate with the ministry in preserving antiquities and not to allow such valuable monuments to be looted by mafia and the militant groups.