Battle continues as Taliban struggle to gain more territory in Afghanistan

The Afghan security and defense forces along with People Uprising Forces have reclaimed major parts of Qala e Naw in Badghis and Yaftal e Payin in Badakhshan provinces, security sources said.

As the Taliban insurgents have surged military campaigns to claim more territorial gains, the Afghan forces in close military cooperation with the newly mobilized public uprising forces fight to push them back. In a counteract to push the Taliban insurgents back, the government forces along with People Uprising Forces have successfully pushed back Taliban attacks on Taloqan, the provincial capital of the northern Takhar province.       

 Khalil Asir, the spokesperson for Takhar police, said the Afghan forces repelled Taliban attacks that were launched last night from multiple directions. The insurgents, according to Mr. Asir, had launched attacks from Chashma Shir, Abdal, Konjak, Saraysang, and Qala e Zhobin areas aiming to gain control over the capital.

At least 40 Taliban militants were reportedly killed and 30 others wounded in the clashes, he said. Two security forces also lost their lives and two others were wounded during the operations.

The Taliban has not yet commented on the incident.

Takhar is an insecure province where the Taliban controls 13 districts.

On the other hand, Taliban attacks on Qala e Naw, the provincial capital of Badghis, have been continuing for the last four days. The group took a brief control over parts of the area—including Badghis prison—but the security forces reclaimed government domain, pushing the insurgents out of the area.  

The security forces have also recaptured Yaftal e Payin district of northeastern Badakhshan province, and seized a large number of weapons and ammunition from the Taliban.

These come as in recent weeks, the militant group has overrun 24 districts of the province.  The group claims that in some areas the locals have handed over district admonitions but the government forces say they have made a strategic retreat to avoid civilian causalities.

A surge in militant’s attacks are on the rise in southern Ghazni and the insurgents have taken control over PD5 of Ghazni.   

Following the May withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, the Taliban insurgents have doubled their military campaigns against the government forces and public administrations.    

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