As situation worsens in Spin Boldak, Pakistani army deploys force to border point

As the Taliban are trying to make military gain in the border town of Spin Bolak in the southern Kandahar province, the Ministry of Interior has confirmed that the Taliban insurgents have forced more than 300 Afghan families to leave their homes and shot dead at least 100 civilians accusing them of cooperating with the government.    

Earlier yesterday, Mirwais Stanakzai, the spokesperson for the MoI, told Kabul Now that the dead bodies of victims were found in public spaces early on Thursday morning in Spin Boldak town. Athletes, businessmen, bloggers, authors, and innocent civilians were among those killed by the insurgents, he added.

The Taliban have taken revenge by killing these civilians, according to Stanakzai.

Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesperson for the Taliban, denied the allegations of targeting and killing civilians in Spin Boldak, claiming that the “enemy” uses such “propaganda” against the group. He said two members of a single-family were killed in a mysterious feud that had nothing to do with the Taliban.

As the security situation gets tense in Spin Boldak, the border town which is located at the vicinity of Chaman in Balochistan, the Pakistani army have replaced Pakistan’s border force with army men, Dawn Pakistan’s English outlet reported, today, Saturday, July 24.

A security source who spoke on condition of anonymity said the carnage was carried out on Thursday evening, July 22, in Zakir Sharif area of Dand district. A famous local comedian named Nazar Mohammad was also among those killed. Signs left on his Nazar’s dead body showed marks of torture at the hand of the Taliban insurgents, the source said.    

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has said that an investigation is underway to find out the truth in Spin Boldak carnage.

As late as last Thursday, US officials have told American media that the US air force had conducted airstrike to target the Taliban insurgents who were advancing to seize military equipment left behind Afghan army forces in Spin Boldak.       

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