Army forces recapture Dawlat Abad district

Army forces recapture Dawlat Abad district in Faryab

In a joint operation with commandos and supported by the Afghan Air Force, army forces have recaptured Dawalat Abad district in Faryab which had fallen to the Taliban militants few days earlier, according to the 209 Military Corps.

The operation was launched around 03:00 Am this morning, June 16, and army forces from the first regiment of the Corps’ first battalion retook the district’s center around 06:20 AM, today, the 209 Military Corps said in a statement.

Karim Yuresh, spokesperson for Faryab police, said police forces and operatives of the National Directorate of Security were also involved in the operation.

He, however, said the operation was launched last night, adding that the defense and security forces entered the district’ center around 3:00 AM today.

Sporadic clashes are still underway between the militants and security and defense forces in the district, he said.

According to the local official, the Taliban have suffered casualties but the exact casualty toll of the militants is not clear yet.

Dawlat Abad, 62 kilometers away from Maimana, capital city of Faryab, had fallen to the Taliban on June 08. Qaisar district of the province had fallen to the militant group two days earlier, on June 06, which is still under the control of the militants.

Out of more than 20 districts fallen to the Taliban recently, this is the second district which is claimed back by government forces from the militants. On Monday, June 14, the Ministry of Defense announced Afghan forces have reclaimed Khanabad district of Kunduz. The district had fallen to the group on the same day, earlier in the morning.

In latest updates about Khanabad, Anaamuddin Rahmani, spokesperson for Kunduz police, said the government forces have retaken fallen territories in the district after inflicting heavy casualties on the Taliban militants.

He did not provide a specific casualty toll.

Abdul Hadi Nazari, spokesperson for the 217 Pamir Corps said the army forces have recently cleared Bazaar and outskirts of Khan Abad district and Pul e Mohebullah from the presence of the Taliban militants.

As many as 20 Taliban militants were killed and 10 others were wounded during the operation, he added.

With Dawlat Abad district reclaimed, the total number of districts fallen to the Taliban since May 01, beginning of foreign troop withdrawal, across the country falls to 22.