Afghanistan exports to international markets

Afghanistan exports worth 12.5 million USD goods to international markets

Afghanistan has exported more than 21,000 metric tons of goods to international markets over the past four years, said a statement issued by the Government Media and Information Center (GMIC) on Wednesday, June 02.  

Through its air corridor, the country has exported dried fruits, fresh fruit, handcrafts, and carpets to India, China, Gulf, Turkey, and European Union.

In May 2021, 180.7 metric tons of dried fruits, fresh fruits, carpets, and handicrafts were exported to European Union, and 3.146 metric tons’ herbal medicines, saffron and Asafoetida were exported to India.

27.8 metric tons of carpets were exported to Turkey, 27.7 metric tons of fresh and dried fruits to the UAE, 18.8 metric tons of jalghoza and carpets to China, and 7.4 metric tons of dried fruits and saffron to Saudi Arabia.

The total value of these products is nearly USD 12.5 million.

According to GMIC, Afghanistan’s export has seen a 28 percent rise over the last one year.

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