Farah; gunmen open fire at funeral ceremony

Gunmen open fire at a funeral killing one, wounding eight in Farah

A man was killed and eight people were wounded after armed men opened fire at a funeral ceremony in the suburbs of Farah city, the capital city of the western Farah province, according to local officials.

Talking to Kabul Now, Ghulam Sakhi Ghafoori, the police chief of Farah, said that the incident took place on Monday, April 05, around 04:40 PM in the suburbs of Farah city. He added that the dead man was accused of committing murder and had been released on bail.

Shahmahmood Naeemi, a member of Farah Provincial Council, told Kabul Now that two assailants opened fire at the funeral ceremony and killed a policeman. He added that all the wounded victims are civilians.

The councilman called on Farah police to arrest the assailants.

Farah is a volatile province in the western part of the country.

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