28 Taliban militants killed in Kunar

28 Taliban militants and five army soldiers killed in Kunar

28 Taliban and five army soldiers were killed in the latest wave of clashes that erupted on Friday night, April 02 between the two sides in Chapa Dara district of the eastern Kunar province, according to a local military official.

The clashes occurred in Galsalak, Taranik, and Carnel areas of the district in which the army forces used artillery missiles and airstrikes to target the Taliban militants, said Shaheed Sapai, the media officer of the 2nd infantry brigade of the Afghan National Army today, April 04. He added that seven Taliban and three army soldiers were wounded in the clashes.

Meanwhile, Gul Khan, a local resident, told Kabul Now that the Taliban ambushed a reinforcement convoy of the Afghan army forces dispatched to the clashing sites. He said the two sides suffered casualties.

Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman, talking to Kabul Now, claimed that as many as 12 army soldiers were killed and five others were taken as hostages by the Taliban in Galsalak area of Chapa Dara district. He said that the Taliban fighters confiscated the ammunition of government forces.

The government, however, rejected the claim made by the Taliban spokesman.