Ghor residents

Ghor residents call for governor removal in fourth protest

Taking to the streets in their fourth protest rally, tens of local residents in Ferozkoh, the capital city of the central Ghor province, called for the dismissal of the province incumbent governor Noor Mohammad Kuhnaward.

This is the 4th time that they protest and call for the governor’s removal, said Hassan Hakimi, an organizer of the protest, to Kabul Now today, March 27. He warned that they would continue with their protest under the incumbent governor is removed.

Hakimi further warned that if the government does not remove the governor, the responsibility of its subsequent consequences will lie with the government.

According to him, Ghor residents have set up a sit-in tent in front of the office of the governor since 26 days ago in a bid to protest against the governor’s incompetency in providing security and managing the local affairs.

Talking to Kabul Now, the governor, however, assured that he will do all the utmost efforts to provide security and address other problems in Ghor.

Earlier in March a large number of Ghor residents took to the streets in Ferozkoh and called on Mr. Kuhnaward to step down.

The governor, however, had rejected accusations made by the protesters and claimed that the protest was politically motivated against him.

At the same time, a group of other local residents had taken to the street and held a protest rally in support of the local governor.