Allahdad Fedaee suspended over killing civilians in Behsud

Fedaee, who was accused of killing civilians, appointed as Laghman police chief  

Allahdad Fedaee, a police chief who is accused of killing and wounding civilians in Maidan Wardak, has been appointed as the police chief of Laghman province.

Allahdad Fedaee has been appointed as police chief of Laghman but he will soon join his office, Shafiullah Afghanyar, the spokesperson for Laghman police chief, told Kabul Now.

On March 14, Minister of Interior Masoud Andarabi requested President Ghani to appoint Fedaee as police chief of Laghman province.

President Ghani approved his appointment on March 16.

Fedaee was accused of commanding security forces to open fire against a peaceful protest in Behsud district of Maidan Wardak, which killed 11 civilians and wounded 31 others. Following the deadly incident, a fact-finding delegation, assigned by the central government, found that no one was armed among the protesters in Hesa-e-Awal Behsud district.

On March 02, the Ministry of Interior said that it had referred Behsud’s case to the military prosecutor’s office to investigate it.

Following a report by the fact-finding committee, the Ministry announced that it had referred Fedaee’s case to Attorney General Office (AGO), but the Attorney General Office denied the announcement, saying that no case against Fedaee was registered with it.

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