Death toll rises in Kabul twin blasts

Death toll rises to five in Kabul twin blasts  

The death toll of twin blasts, which hit two minibusses late yesterday, rose to five, Kabul police said today, Monday, March 15. As many as 15 civilians were reportedly wounded in these blasts which went off last evening in the busiest hour of the western neighborhood of Kabul.

Talking to Kabul Now, Ferdaws Faramarz, the spokesperson for Kabul Police Chief, confirmed that two victims of last evening’s blasts, who were in critical health condition, lost their lives. The twin blast killed three civilians on the spot.

No group claimed responsibility for the blasts.

Ever since the US-Taliban peace deal signed in February 2020, Afghanistan has seen a dramatic increase in deadly violence, particularly in targeted violence in the form of assassinations and magnetic bomb blasts, which continue to claim lives.