Karzai supports Abdullah’s stance on formation of HCNR
Hamid Karzai is speaking at press conference here in Kabul

Karzai supports Abdullah’s stance on formation of HCNR

Former President, Hamid Karzai, expressed support for the recent stance of Chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation (HCNR), Abdullah Abdullah, on formation of the HCNR. The support comes a day after Abdullah rejected President Ghani’s decree on formation of the HCNR, noting that establishing the high council was not in President’s authority.

The statement issued by Karzai’s media office, today, September 01, notifies that members of the HCNR must be selected in consultations with political leaders, speakers of the Senate and the Parliament, ethnic leaders, religious scholars, civil society organizations, and the country’s elders.

“Extended consultations with all spectrums of the society leads to establishing an inclusive and nationally credible council,” part of Karzai’s statement reads.

In reaction against Ghani’s decree, Abdullah pointed out to the political agreement he signed with Ghani on May 17, 2020, noting that formation of the HCNR does not require the President’s decree. He further noted that consultations were underway with political leaders, political parties, and civil society organizations to form an inclusive council.

The months long awaited HCNR formation was announced on Saturday, August 29, via a presidential decree which introduced 45 political figures, jihadi leaders, and government officials – including Karzai who was first to put himself out of the list – under Abdullah’s leadership.

In the decree, President Ghani assigned the HCNR to prepare and finalize a list containing general assembly members of the high council within a week.