Violence in Afghanistan
Photo: VOA

21 dead and wounded in fresh wave of Taliban violence

As many as ten people, mostly civilians, were killed and eleven others wounded in fresh wave of violence attributed to the Taliban in Laghman, Ghor, Baghlan, and Badakhshan provinces, according to local officials.

Three civilians, including two women and one child, were dead and three others wounded after a mortar hit their residential house in Alingar district of the eastern Laghman province, said Asadullah Dawlatzai, spokesperson for Laghman governor. Blaming the Taliban for mortar fire, he added that the incident took place last night, September 29, in Qalatak area of the district.

At least three civilians were dead and three others wounded in two separate roadside bomb explosions in Dawlatyar district of the western Ghor province. Abdul Maruf Ramish, spokesperson for Ghor police chief, said that the roadside bombs were planted by the Taliban militants to target Afghan security forces. He added that the incidents took place today, September 30, and yesterday, September 29.

In the north-eastern Badakhshan province, police chief of the province’s Kohistan district, Abdul Zaher, was killed along with two local police forces in a day-long battle with the Taliban militants on Tuesday, September 29. According to Sanaullah Rohani, spokesperson for Badakhshan police chief, three local police forces were wounded during the battles.

The local official further claimed that four Taliban militants were killed and five others wounded in clashes with Afghan security forces.

Jawid Besharat, spokesperson for Baghlan police chief, confirmed that one police officer was killed and two others wounded when their security outpost came under attack by the Taliban militants in Farang district of the northern Baghlan province.

He claimed that two Taliban militants were killed and four others wounded in clashes with Afghan police forces.

The Taliban have not commented regarding any of these incidents so far.

A deadly violence in Afghanistan continues despite the Afghan government and Taliban peace negotiators are discussing a peace settlement in Doha. The government has been insisting on a ceasefire while Taliban leaders have displayed little interest for a truce up till now.